Vision and Mission


STRATEGICALLY: We carefully outline plans and methods to achieve each client’s particular goals for optimal visual outcomes.

TRUST: We prioritize open and transparent communication with our clients, ensuring that they are informed and involved in the decision-making process.

RELIANCE: We understand that our clients trust us to deliver on our promises and rely on us to meet their expectations. To achieve this, we ensure that we have the necessary resources, expertise, and systems in place to consistently provide high-quality products or services.

ACCOUNTABILITY: We deliver on our commitments and obligations to our clients in a reliable, honest, and transparent manner.

TRANSPARENCY: We build trust and credibility with clients, and demonstrates integrity and a commitment to open communicate before making informed decisions and provides them with the confidence that their best interests are being prioritized.

UNITY: We united, and ensure seamless collaboration and communication, to provide exceptional service and exceed to client’s expectations.

SUSTAINABILITY: We strive for economic growth, adopting environmentally-friendly practices and policies that promote long-term prosperity while preserving natural resources for future generations.


Stratus Consult Limited’s mandate is to support the implementation of Nigeria’s Nationally Determined Contribution (NNDC), as well as support an in-country driven approach for collective impact on Climate Change and Developing Action Plans.

Developing biodiversity strategies, attract green investment opportunities for industrial development across urban and rural communities, that will establish sustainable economic growth with clear gender inclusion.