About Us

Stratus Consult Limited (SCL) is an indigenous multidisciplinary clean-tech business renewable energy consultancy service company. Our team specializes in providing comprehensive services in training and capacity building workshops & conferences to relevant Stakeholders, including project concept, development, and implementation with a focus on delivering environmentally friendly projects for sustainable economic growth. We understand the importance of integrating sustainable practices into various sectors to promote long-term economic prosperity while preserving the environment. In the project concept phase, we collaborate closely with our clients to identify viable opportunities that align with their objectives and contribute to Sustainable Developmental Goals (SDGs), and conduct thorough research and analysis to evaluate the feasibility and potential impacts of the projects. Once the project is ready for implementation, we oversee every aspect to ensure its successful execution, working closely with stakeholders, including government bodies, investors, suppliers, and local communities to manage resources efficiently and minimize environmental impact. Our services enable State Government MDAs to promote sustainable economic growth and environmental conservation, leading to a greener and more sustainable future. SCL is a private sector representative to the NDC Partnerships and is mandated by the Federal Government of Nigeria to support on the development and implementation of Nigeria’s Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC), as well as support in-country driven approach for collective impact on Climate Change and Development Action Plans.

Prince Xavier Olatokunbo Eyamba

Managing Director