UNCCD, Israel Innovation Institute & DeserTech Leader for the Great Green Wall

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UNCCD, Israel Innovation Institute, DerserTech Innovation Leader for the GGW

The Israel innovation institute is a non-profit “think and do tank” bringing innovative technology and knowledge into real-world settings.

The institute enables and facilitates the development, testing, and the demonstration of scalable, innovative solutions to global challenges—in indispensable fields such as Healthcare, Agriculture, Transportation, and Climate Change.

Moreover, the Institute promotes the structured process of innovation management in organizations.  We support innovation managers by developing various tools and advancing open innovation in Israel.

Collaborating with public and private organizations, the institute and its partners are fuelling holistic and sustainable change to deliver the highest quality of life in Israel and worldwide.

Enhancing the variety & strengths of technologies aiming to solve global challenges


Xavier Eyamba – Certification

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