Decarbonization of Nigeria 

Stratus Consult Limited (SCL) in partnership with the Ministry of Niger Delta Affairs, is developing a series of initiatives aimed at decarbonizing the Niger Delta Region. These initiatives are focused on promoting and establishing sustainable socio-economic growth, adopting environmentally-friendly practices and policies that promote long-term prosperity while preserving natural resources for future generations.

As SCL promotes its Energy transitions to renewable energy sources, it will focus on implementing a comprehensive strategy to incorporate bioenergy derived from various sources such as Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) and waste management for Waste-to-Energy. This approach will allow for the production of hybrid biomass and biofuels, as well as the generation of valuable carbon offsets.

Transportation: Efforts are being made to promote sustainable modes of transportation, such as electric vehicles (EVs) public buses, as well as the development of a more efficient public transportation system. This includes the establishment of EV charging stations, the promotion of cycling and pedestrian infrastructure, and the improvement of public transportation networks and generation of valuable carbon offsets.

Industrial processes: Industries in the region are being encouraged to adopt cleaner and more energy-efficient technologies to reduce their carbon emissions and gain valuable carbon credits.

Nigeria is also adopting the use of compressed natural gas (CNG), which emits fewer emissions than diesel, with zero carbon credit. This will also reduce the cost of transportation.


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