Wetlands & Wildlife Habitat

Wetlands; water is a precious resource that cannot be overlooked, and use as a dumping ground. The demands we have placed on our water environment are increasingly unsustainable. We mostly begin to think of ways to sustain our river and control the pollution at its source. We need to restore a landscape rich in wetlands to help our wildlife thrive and adapt to changing climate. By understanding how we can preserve nature, we can improve water quality and reduce the threat of flooding in ways that are good for the people and wildlife, while save guarding our coastal lines. We must also ensure that the right policies are created that will reserve our wetlands wildlife and water habitats that will bring about the health of our water. Conservation, restoration and creation of freshwater wetlands is our primary concern, which will save our water, fishes and sea animals as well as addressing the matter concerning flooding. Adequate protection of wildlife must be priority.