The Federal Government, through the Federal Ministry of Environment, Department for Climate Change, mandates Stratus Consult Limited to Organize Training Workshops on in-country driven approach to Reducing the Carbon Footprint in Nigeria. March 2020

The Ministry recognizes Messer Stratus Consult Limited as a private sector representative to the NDC Partnership, selected to support on the implementation of Nigeria’s Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) and as well as support in-country driven approach for collective impact on Climate Change and Development Action Plans.

The Federal Government (Ministry) partners with Stratus Consult Limited, to support organization engage the relevant Ministries, Departments & Agencies (MDAs) and Stakeholders towards greater alignment to achieve NDC emission targets and development agenda, and the drive for carbon-neutral, climate resilient environment that delivers on long term social economic development.

Our partnership will support biodiversity, policy, and legal framework in strengthening capacity for budgeting and project implementation plans with clear gender inclusion responsiveness across the nation.